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As traditional supply chains are broken or weakened, only Additive Manufacturing can guarantee the safety of in-house production. During COVID-19 epidemic it also showed how fast you can respond to the current needs (printing mask, parts for respiratory devices, and face shields to name just a few). With the most available SLS 3D printing technology from Sinterit you can be a part of this.

Short lead time

Lisa Pro, the most accessible SLS 3D printing solution is waiting for you. With the short lead time, fast delivery and online training, you can soon become an advanced user.


With an in-house 3D printer you are independent. The costs of your production are based only on two factors: the price of a printing powder and electricity.


Lisa Pro, makes it easier to maintain the production. Printing even complicated spare parts is easy. With SLS technology your company is less exposed to production stoppages.

Act fast and flexible

SLS 3D printer is one of the most sophisticated production tools you can get. It brings your ideas into reality in hours or days instead of weeks or months in the traditional production cycle. COVID-19 showed that individuals having 3D printing technology in their workshops, labs, offices or houses can completely reprogram to medical production in just a glimpse. You can do the same.

Short lead time, quick delivery, free online training , and more...


In our new, three times bigger production facility we can assemble our printers in the safest possible environment for our personnel. The company is ready to fulfill your orders. Our sales, logistics, production and support departments are working remotely, in the full team. Thanks to that we can guarantee a short lead time.


Thanks to online, face to face training with our support team you will become a professional user of Lisa Pro in just one or two sessions. It is a really fast, easy and intuitive process.

Fast delivery

Our location, in one of the most important logistics hubs on the Pan-European transport corridor, makes the shipment as fast as it is possible in the current situation.

Time for strategic planning

You have an idea. We have a solution. Now, with short lead time, you can have your own Lisa Pro. With fast delivery and free training, you can help your business or the ones in need. It is not only for today but a strategic decision for tomorrow.

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