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WEBINAR: Compact SLS setup. What do I really need to get into SLS 3D printing?

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Our SLS 3D printing solution can be tailored for everyone who needs this technology. You can have a sophisticated system for very fast workflow or a basic solution that consists of a Lisa printer, powder sieve, and basic tools if that fits your needs. From this webinar, you’ll learn what to take into account while choosing an SLS set for you.

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    • What is SLS 3D printing technology?
    • How did it look before Sinterit?
    • How to compose your SLS solution
    • Do I really need SLS
    • How often do I print
    • How big my prints are
    • How detailed my prints should be
    • How many materials do I need?
    • Do I need access to 3rd party materials?
    • How important are the support and training
    • Example Sinterit sets
    • Q&A session


    Dominik Stasiak | International Sales Manager

    Robert Garbacz | Support Manager

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