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Research project on design by Desén

Desén is a research project exploring what happens when computational fluid dynamic algorithms (typically used in marine and aerospace applications) are applied to furniture and object forms.

The simulations result in deformed geometries which is then subjected to structural testing through finite element analysis software and ultimately prepared for fabrication via a series of slicing softwares and meshing tools designed for architecture and construction.

The entire design process has been largely automated using open source software and python scripting, which changes the role of the designer: the designer no longer “designs” the objects themselves, but rather “designs” the rules, conditions and boundaries of the simulation. As a result, the geometry is not always practical, and the idea goes against certain trends into performative-based architecture parameterisation.

This research raises questions about the boundaries of design between physics, nature, engineering and fabrication. It pushes us to consider new applications of algorithmic thought from disciplines traditionally disconnected with aesthetics.

As a result, the geometry is not always practical – an idea that goes against certain contemporary trends into performance-based parametric design.

Desén Research Project:

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