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The story behind GlassesUSA.com and Janne Kyttanen 3D printed glasses

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We are happy to be a part of the new trend in the fashion industry, which is 3d printing accessories on demand.

GlassesUSA.com, the largest online glasses retailer in the USA, in partnership with Janne Kyttanen made it possible for anyone to download printable file of three fabulous models of glasses: Dragon, Mermaid, and Phoenix. You can modify them by adding your name, phone number or whatever comes to your mind. Then you can print this customized glasses on a 3d printer and the last thing is to order and frame the lenses. That’s it.

Thanks to Janne Kyttanen, we had the privilege to print the first, test models on our Sinterit Lisa 3d printer, which operates in the most sophisticated 3d printing technology available nowadays – SLS (selective laser sintering).

Watch the video showing how we made it.

3D printing glasses is like starting the whole new chapter in luxury fashion. Thanks to almost unlimited design possibilities, we can now design shapes that couldn’t be possible in an old-fashioned way. In the era of making custom-made things, this option helps in the creation of customized models, which are comfortable and fits the individual’s need. Using the most comprehensive technologies, like SLS you end up with high quality, ultralight glasses, ready to wear without complicated, post-production process.

But that’s technology. Great design is always human based and it starts at the designer’s desk. In this case, it was Janne Kyttanen who had an outstanding idea of creating 3D printed glasses that can be printed in one piece, and practically ready-to-wear after fast cleaning from the print dust and lenses framing.

Janne is well known by anyone who considered the use of 3d printing in the fashion industry. “It’s like he’s on a personal crusade to glamorize 3D printing” – says Wired.com. He is a pioneering digital sculptor creating multidisciplinary work at the intersection of 3D printing, virtual & augmented reality. Kyttanen’s work has been featured in TIME Magazine’s ‘Design 100’, the people and ideas behind the world’s most influential design. He is best known for his revolutionary work with 3D printing and is considered to be one of the most influential designers of his generation.

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