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SLS as a perfect match for complex engineering performance components

fast deliveries to various, primarily industrial, customers
high-class precision and quality of small parts
significant focus to suit the system into a production area


Being a small startup 3D printing service bureau, Netsheipas AM focuses on small series, prototype production, and fast deliveries to various, primarily industrial, customers.

Typically, these are complex designs with delicate components requiring extra attention while preparing for production, as well as top-class precision and quality. Assembly fit, colouring, or other types of coating are the perfect add-ons to the offering. With a few years of experience in the 3D industry, Netsheipas AM also provides engineering review and design adaptation services and SLS 3D printing.


Speed of reaction, freedom of design, and cost-efficient production were the most common challenges to fulfil customer needs. Wide choice and frequent material changes have also been a pinnacle to satisfy customer demands. Partnerships with large, industrial powder bed printing partners did not allow them to achieve desired flexibility and efficiency.
Therefore, they searched for compact, flexible, and efficient SLS solutions in the market. Netsheipas AM decided to concentrate on SLS technology since it would be the best fit for complex, engineered grade performance components. It was challenging to find a suitable SLS solution within the desired investment range to ensure sustainable business operations.


After analysing and comparing available SLS systems on the market it was an easy choice to go with the Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS printer. Primary factors for this choice were an extensive material variety, compact system architecture, and reasonable investment costs.

It also put the system into a reasonably small production area, making the compactness of Lisa architecture furthermore attractive. A small to midsize build chamber is desired to have a system to secure efficient packing of print jobs, enabling commerciall beneficial production of quick, short runs. They have decided to purchase and install two Sinterit Lisa PRO units for simultaneous production of orders containing different materials. The print schedule would not require waiting for one to print a job to complete while launching a remaining set of parts requiring other material. For securing larger part suits into the build chamber, Lisa PRO versions have been selected. It took them a while to get used to new systems after they started in February 2021.

After a few test prints, Netsheipas AM has started producing regular customer orders without fear of missing quality expectations, component accuracy, or tight production schedule requirements. Since the bed- in period, it has been almost a full-time continuous operation, even when a different material is required.

They learned that it takes a bare minimum of additional efforts to swap to other materials.

Visit our customer’s website: https://netsheipasam.com/

Netsheipas AM
Paulius Gibavicius, CEO, Netsheipas AM
3D Print Service Provider
End-Use Part, Prototyping
Pre-Production Prototype, Brackets, Mounts, Structures
Top reasons:
Reactivity, Material Variety, Compact Size, Low System Cost

fast deliveries to various, primarily industrial, customers
high-class precision and quality of small parts
significant focus to suit the system into a production area

Equipment used by Netsheipas AM : Lisa PRO 3D printer
Material used: PA12

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