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SLS 3D Printing Solution from Sinterit now available in the US

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Sinterit, European based manufacturer of the most available SLS 3D Printing Solution is officially entering the US market. Thanks to the cooperation with 3D Herndon, the Polish producer will provide access to maintenance services in the US, as well as training in 3D Herndon headquarters in Virginia.

The US Additive Manufacturing market is the biggest in the world. And it is still growing. The forecasted compound annual growth rate between 2017 and 2024 is about 29%. Companies working in the United States are also one of the most advanced and demanding. It may be surprising but until this moment the availability of small, advanced SLS 3D printers was poor.

Sinterit started in 2014 as a producer of Lisa, the most affordable SLS 3D printer. Since then it introduced Lisa Pro, the more advanced and bigger model with a built-in nitrogen chamber that opened the market for researchers, prototyping and even final production companies. Now it is offering the full SLS 3D Printing Solution, which is clean and easy for all of the users.

Thanks to the partnership with 3D Herndon, customers from the United States will gain local training, the ability to service without having to send the machine back to Europe, and above all, buying directly from an American company.

3D Herndon is a premier source for 3D Printers, knowledge & services. Based in Herndon, VA offers its services nationwide.

– We have been selling our Lisa and Lisa Pro printers to the US for years, but thanks to the partnership with 3D Herndon, it will be more available and easier for our clients to get the printer, learn how to use it or have it repaired in case of any problems – says Konrad Głowacki, co-founder of Sinterit.



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