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Along with the Sinterit Studio we’re introducing two available software options that enable you to use new printing materials.

Sinterit Studio is our software created to work with all our printers. It guides you step by step through the whole printing process. Sinterit Studio is designed to make your workflow smooth and simple. From loading your model, through arranging the objects to monitoring the state of your printer until the printout is finished


Intuitive Dashboard

Guides you quickly through all job preparation: build, slice and upload to the printer to fully control printing process


of SLS powder-based parts allows for maximum efficiency and throughput while maintaining low print costs and no need for manual work.

Progress view

control the state and the time of realisation.
Display the whole build, or check slice after slice to fully control printing process.

Open parameters

let you deeply control 50 parameters of printing to enable better mechanical, functional, or aesthetic properties


Supported file types: STL, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE, 3MF

Model arranging environment

Printer’s status monitoring

Estimating the amount of needed powder

Model slicing

Together with Sinterit Studio we introduce two different versions of software

Sinterit Studio
All the functionalities that you need to print using basic Sinterit powders (PA12 Smooth, Flexa Grey) in a standard manner, without experimenting with printing parameters or 3rd party materials.

Sinterit Studio Advanced
In addition to the functionalities of standard Sinterit Studio you gain access to adjust the 32 printing parameters. Sinterit Studio Advance  enables you to use some 3rd party materials or experiment with printing settings.




Sinterit Studio Sinterit Studio
Available LISA / LISA PRO / LISA X /
NILS 480
NILS 480
Powder profiles PA12 Smooth
Flexa Grey
All available
Possibility to use 3rd party materials no yes
Open printing Parameters no yes
Price included in printer price 2490 EUR


If you are already an owner of one of our printer and you’re using an older version of Sinterit Studio, automatic update will be provided for free (internet connection is required). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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