Payments & shipping


There are two payment methods available in our online shop:

  • PayPal
  • Traditional bank transfer

Shipping costs

The shipping price depends on the country of delivery and the size and weight of the packege.

Excerpt from terms & conditions

§ 8 Prices and payments

  1. Prices of Products and Services are displayed on the Website once a Customer chooses a place of delivery of Products or Services.
  2. Prices of Products and Services are based on a place of delivery and not on other Customer`s addresses such as a place of residence or a place of business.
  3. Prices of Products and Services do not include:
    1. packing, delivery and insurance costs (applicable to Products);
    2. import duties and taxes payable by a Customer in accordance with the laws applicable to the delivery of Products or Services, subject to clause 5 below.
  4. A Customer submitting an order declares whether the Products and Services ordered are exempt from obligation to pay VAT, and if yes – the Customer shall provide Sinterit with the VAT-EU number.
  5. Customers who are not exempt from obligation to pay VAT will be charged of this tax; it will be added to the price of Products or Services.
  6. Should it appear, as a result of verification made by Sinterit, that a Customer does not benefit from the exemption referred to in clause 4 above, the Customer will be required to pay VAT within 5 working days of the day when relevant information has been sent to the Customer by the Company. If Sinterit fails to receive payment in time, Sinterit shall have a right to cancel the order and return the payment to the Customer within 5 working days; the payment may be reduced of transfer fees and exchange rate differences. Sinterit is not obliged to pay interest on the amount refunded.
  7. Payment for Products and Services shall be made in a manner chosen by a Customer from options made available by the Company (if there is more than one option), within 5 days of placing an order.
  8. Bank transfer shall be made in such a way that Sinterit does not bear any costs associated with it.
  9. If a Customer uses a form of payment other than a bank transfer, prices may be increased by a commission charged by a payment system operator.
  10. If a Customer pays for Products or Services within the time limit specified in clause 7 above:
    1. these Products or Services may be unavailable,
    2. shipping time or price of Products or Services may be changed,
    3. Sinterit may cancel (refuse to perform) the order.

§ 9 Shipping Products

  1. Shipping of Products takes place in a manner chosen by a Customer from options made available by the Company, if there is more than one option.
  2. Shipping options and costs may vary depending on a place where Products are to be delivered.
  3. Shipment of Products shall be carried out under the EX Works (20G Rzemieślnicza Street, 30-363 Cracow or other Sinterit warehouse in Poland) rules defined in the International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS 2010), but Sinterit may clear Products and spare parts for export and organize transport of them if the Parties agreed so (however the Customer bears costs and risk of it, including but not limited to a situation if a Customer misinformed Sinterit about documents needed to custom clearance in his/her/its state or territory). In case of Consumers, risk of accidental damage or loss of Products shall pass to them in a moment of Products hand-over.
  4. Sinterit informs a Customer before placing an order about estimated shipping time of Products that shall start from the day of receipt of payment.
  5. In exceptional cases, deadline for sending Products to a Customer may be extended by more than 2 weeks and the Customer will be informed immediately. In such a case, the Customer has the right to cancel the order and receive the refund of the price of the Products, without the right to interest (unless Products have been ordered by a Consumer).
  6. In exceptional cases, shipping costs of Products may be higher than those stated on the Website. In such a case, a Customer will be informed immediately of the need to make the appropriate payment within 5 working days; if the Customer refuses or fails to make the payment, Sinterit has a right to cancel the order and return the paid Product price to the Customer within the next 5 working days, without interest.

§ 10 Shipping Restriction

  1. The Company does not send Products to any country or territory covered by an embargo on the basis of Polish or international laws.
  2. A Customer submitting an order declares that he or she or it:
    1. is not located in the abovementioned country or territory,
    2. has no legal seat or domicile in the aforementioned country or territory,
    3. is not a person to whom the export of Products is prohibited.
  3. Availability of Products and Services in countries and territories other than those referred to in clause 1 above is presented on the Website and may be subject to change.