Privacy Policy



  • 1 General provisions
  1. This Privacy Policy sets the purpose for collection of personal data from the Users of the website, as well as, in particular, the scope of data processed, rights of the Users related to processing of their data, information regarding personal data controller, information regarding Cookies and Newsletter.
  2. Personal data of Users using website is protected under the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text – Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182, as amended).


  • 2 Glossary

Act – the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text – Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922, as amended);

Company – Sinterit sp. z o. o. with its registered seat in Krakow, ul. Kalwaryjska 69/9, 30-504 Kraków, entered into entrepreneurs register of the National Companies Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) kept by District Court for Central Krakow, 11th Commercial Division (Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia w Krakowie, Wydział XI Gospodarczy) under KRS No. 0000535095, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 6793106416, share capital: 78.350,00 (seventy eight thousand three hundred and fifty) PLN,

Operator of payment – an entity external from the Company, who intermediaries with realization of payment via wire transfer, credit card or other possible methods;

Partners – distributors of Sinterit or other persons or entities cooperating with the Company in the sale of Products or providing Services;

Personal data – information including name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, or other, entered by the User, relating to an identified or identifiable – by entering such information while using services provided by the Company – natural person;

Processing of data – any operation which is performed upon Personal data, such as collection, recording, storage, organization, alteration, disclosure and erasure, and in particular those performed in the computer systems;

Products – products presented on the Website;

Services (written with a capitalized “S”) the collective name of the various after-sale services including the installation and training on the use of the Products as well as the technical support and maintenance provided in the official language of the country, by telephone, email or at the Customer`s premisses;

User – natural person using website;

Violation of Personal data protection – shall mean illegal disclosure, collection, unauthorized access, unjustified modification or destruction of Personal data;

Website – Internet website, via which Sinterit sp. z o. o. informs about its business activity, as well as contacts prospective clients;


  • 3 Personal data controller

The Personal data controller is the Company.


  • 4 Voluntarity of giving Personal data
  1. Giving any Personal data is voluntary, however not giving consent for processing Personal data within the scope necessary for processing order makes it impossible to execute by the Company.
  2. User`s refuse to give consent for processing personal data for marketing purposes do not affect execution of the order by the Company.


  • 5 Purpose of Personal data collection
  1. Personal data are collected in relation to electronically supplied services provided by the Company, used by the User, in particular to present to the User specific information about Company’s offer, to conclude sale of Products or Services agreements and to fill the orders, as well as for accounting (financial clearing with the User) and documentary (documentation of contracts performance) purposes.
  2. Personal data may also be collected for marketing as well as products and services offering purposes, as long as the User agrees to do so. Such consent may be revoked at any moment by sending the relevant information to the Company at the address of its registered office or at: [email protected]
  • 6 Newsletter
  1. Newsletter is one of the form of sharing commercial and promotional information by Sinterit with Users and other persons via e-mail.
  2. The User who has given his / her consent to receive the Newsletter may revoke this consent at any time by sending the relevant information to the Company at the address of its registered office or at: [email protected] or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” field at the bottom of each Newsletter.
  3. Upon receipt of the information referred to in clause 2 above, the Company ceases sending the Newsletter without delay, taking into account the time necessary to remove the User’s data from the IT system.
  4. Newsletter is a service provided through an unspecified time and the Company may at any time cease its transmission.


  • 7 Anticipated recipients of the Personal data
  1. User’s Personal data collected via the Website are destined for the Company and the Partners.
  2. User`s Personal data may be shared with Sinterit`s Partners in order to provide Services, or for Partner`s marketing purposes or to enable Partners to offer other products or services to the Users, subject to 5 clause 2 above.
  3. In order to execute the order from the User, the Company may also pass all or part of User’s Personal data to the entity conducting shipping of Products and Services.
  4. User`s Personal data are also processed by the Operator of payment, in order to transfer payment (price for Products or Services) from the User to the Company.


  • 8 Type and scope of Personal data collected by the Company
  1. Personal data are processed as a result of their collection via Internet applications placed on the Website and through the storage of such data and using them for the purposes set forth above.
  2. Entering Personal data to the order form is voluntary and is made by typing data by the User. The scope therein includes giving name and surname, Tax Identification Number (NIP) and information whether the User is except from VAT, telephone number, e-mail address, place of delivery of Products. With User’s consent, the Company may collect other data than indicated in point 2 above.


  • 9 The way of Processing of Personal data
  1. The Company is obliged to due care to prevent Personal data from any breach.
  2. The Company is obliged to ensure:
  3. processing of Personal data in compliance with the applicable laws as well as with the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy,
  4. the data is kept in a form which permits identification of the User no longer than it is necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected.
  5. In case of legally forbidden use of the Website the Company is authorized to process personal data within the scope necessary to indicate User’s liability, taking into consideration the need to secure relevant evidence.


  • 10 User’s rights
  1. The Company and persons authorized to process Personal data are obliged to implement technical and organizational measures to protect the Personal data being processed, appropriate to the risks and category of data being protected, and in particular to protect data against their unauthorized disclosure, takeover by an unauthorized person, processing with the violation of the Act, any change, loss, damage or destruction.
  2. User has a right to control the processing of his/her personal data contained in the filing systems, and in particular he/she has the right to:
  3. obtain extensive information on whether such system exists and to establish the controller’s identity, the address of its seat and its full name, and in case the controller is a natural person to obtain his/her address and his/her full name,
  4. obtain information as to the purpose, scope, and the means of processing of the data contained in the system,
  5. obtain information since when his/her personal data are being processed and communication to him/her in an intelligible form of the content of the data,
  6. obtain information about the means in which the data are disclosed, and in particular about the recipients or categories of recipients of the data,
  7. demand the data to be completed, updated, rectified, temporally or permanently suspended or erased, in case they are not complete, outdated, untrue or collected with the violation of the Act, or in case they are no longer required for the purpose for which they have been collected.


  • 11 Cookies
  1. Cookies files are small fragments of the content, entered to User’s web browser and reentered during further Website access. Cookies are kept at User’s final device, which may be e.g. laptop, PC or mobile phone.
  2. Entity that places Cookies at final device of the User, and accessing cookies is the Company.
  3. The Company is authorized to process data included in Cookies files during User’s visit to the Website for the following purposes:
  4. a) identification of the User entering personal data,
  5. b) typing in the contact form,
  6. c) customize Website’s functionalities to User’s preferences,
  7. d) conducting statistics relating to using the Website,
  8. e) adjustment marketing content in the graphic way (display advertisement) and text way, using remarketing,
  9. f) the analysis of User’s behavior and adjustment promotional offers.
  10. In numerous cases software used to view websites (browser) allows by default storage of the Cookies in the User’s final device. The User of the website may change Cookies settings . These settings may be changed in particular in such a way that blocks automatic service of Cookies in the browser, or inform about their every time placement within User’s device. Specific information about possibilities and ways of servicing Cookies files are available at software settings (of the browser). The User may block analytics service for display advertisement and adjust commercials in the advertisement/commercials section of the commercials preference manager.
  11. It is also possible to download application blocking Google Analytics from website:
  12. The Company hereby informs that limitations of using Cookies may affect several functionalities of the Website.
  13. More information about Cookies can be found in „Help” section in the browser menu.


  • 12 Final provisions
    1. In matters not regulated by this Privacy Policy, the relevant provisions of Polish law, in particular the Act shall apply.
    2. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. The changes take effect with the moment of their publishing (or publishing amended Privacy Policy) on the Website, however only to the Users who accepted the amended version of Privacy Policy.