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Because it is crucial to know what the printing costs will be, we prepared this page, which you can use to learn about approximate costs of printing with Sinterit Lisa and Lisa PRO.

How this was calculated?

The calculation is based on the optimum density of the printout package. We calculated the 26% refresh ratio. Calculation is based on Sinterit PA12 Smooth powder.

Direct powder – Powder that is sintered during the printing process and becomes the printed part.

Refresher – Powder needed to refresh the unsintered powder, after the printing process.
This is the cost of PA12 Fresh powder needed to regenerate powder for the next printing process.

Battery Lever

Battery Lever x1_a

Single part


Full bed (x170)

Size [mm]: 38 x 31 x 12
Material: PA12 Smooth
Volume: 2.02 cm3

0.71€ per part when 170 pcs are printed
0.20€ (direct powder) + 0.51€ (refresher)

17.60€ per part when 1 piece is printed
0.20€ (direct powder) + 17.40€ (refresher)

Bike pedal

bike pedal x1_a

Single part


Full bed (x10)

Size [mm]: 91 x 88 x 36
Material: PA12 Smooth
Volume: 33.25 cm3

11.82€ per part when 10 pcs are printed
3.00€ (direct powder) + 8.82€ (refresher)

28.70€ per part when 1 piece is printed
3.00€ (direct powder)  + 25.70€ (refresher)


suspension x1_a

Single part


Full bed (x2)

Size [mm]: 80 x 113 x 122
Material: PA12 Smooth
Volume: 114.98 cm3

53.41€ per part when 2 pcs are printed
10.40€ (direct powder) + 43.01€ (refresher)

65.30€ per part when 1 piece is printed
10.40€ (direct powder) + 54.90€ (refresher)

Water bottle

bidon x1_a

Single part


Full bed (x1)

Size [mm]: 76 x 80 x 225
Material: PA12 Smooth
Volume: 132 cm3

57.13€ per part when 2 pcs are printed
12.00€ (direct powder) + 45.13€ (refresher)

102.30€ per part when 1 piece printed
12.00€ (direct powder) + 90.30€ (refresher)

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