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 30 January 2017

With the new sieve, Sinterit introduces the first end-to-end SLS desktop system

Sinterit, the manufacturer of desktop laser sintering 3D printers, now offers a sieve that cleans the powder and facilitates multiple uses of the material. Together with Lisa printer and sandblaster, Sinterit has created the most accessible and easy to use SLS end-to-end solution on the market.

Sinterit’s mission is to manufacture professional SLS printers as user-friendly as possible. Until recently, the only SLS printers available on the market cost around €100,000. Sinterit Lisa costs less than €15,000 and fits on a desktop. With the combination of compact size and user-friendliness, Sinterit has made SLS printing available to these companies that have been using FMD technology so far or which have outsourced the preparation of 3D prints.

To make SLS printing even easier, Sinterit has just added a sieve developed for Lisa that automates the process of sieving the powder and thus saves time and makes the whole sieving cleaner. The sieving itself facilitates multiple uses of the material. It is a bit smaller (338x330x585 mm) than 3D printer itself and can sieve 5 L of powder reducing manual work that otherwise could take much longer time. After finishing, the device automatically turns off. Users are able to change a mesh in the sieve for more appropriate for the material used.


Software makes things simpler

It’s worth noting that Sinterit was established by former Google employees. As you may expect from software engineers, company’s founders are continually looking for ways to use software to make additive manufacturing simpler. Their 3D printer doesn’t need calibration and is ready to use right after unpacking. It has 4” touch screen, built-in camera and communicates via WiFi network so you can check printing progress online. Recently Sinterit added new features to Lisa printers: automatic leveling of the powder surface, automatic setting of the bed heights, and the possibility to multiple prints in the working space.

Moreover, Lisa has been added as a supported printer in Autodesk Netfabb. This allows the working environment settings to be adjusted immediately in Netfabb to the needs of Sinterit’s 3D printer, considering, for example, how much material it uses or how it produces models. The users of Netfabb can now start using Lisa almost immediately, without needing to learn how to use another piece of software.


End-to-end solution

Lisa machine is sold together with the sandblaster that helps to clean the objects from powder. With the new sieve, all three devices provide unique desktop system streamlining the process of high precision SLS production. Combined with its small size and simplicity of use, it is by far the most accessible and easiest SLS end-to-end solution on the market.

You can buy your own Sinterit Lisa system straight away with Sinterit or with one of company’s distributors : http://sinterit.com/where-to-buy/


SLS – good alternative to FDM and SLA

Sinterit Lisa spreads layers of nylon powder and sinter it together using a laser. This technology makes possible to print objects that were difficult or impossible to be printed in Fused Deposition Modelling technique. For example, Lisa can print whole constructions with different moving parts in a very accurate way. An additional advantage of laser sintering lays in the fact that there is no need for supporting structures. In other technologies like FDM or SLA, there are structures which after print need to be destroyed which implies a high risk of destroying the model itself. Therefore Lisa can print very complex models with subtle elements. Additionally, many objects can be printed simultaneously.


About Sinterit

Sinterit is the manufacturer of desktop selective laser sintering 3D printers with mission to provide professional and cost-effective 3D printers in SLS technology. The company, founded by ex-Google employees has experience on the market from 2014. In 2017 Sinterit  has secured additional EUR 1.1m of funding from additive manufacturer FIT AG. For more information visit www.sinterit.comor follow @sinterit.


More information:

Iwona Skolicka
CMO, Sinterit
[email protected]

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