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TPE powder opens the new chapter for small SLS 3D printers

In the eve of Formnext 2018 Sinterit launches the new type of powder for small SLS 3D printers – TPE. It is the first thermoplastic elastomer in the company’s offer. 

20 October 2018

Bellow TPE printed with Sinterit Lisa

TPE  shows advantages that are typical for both plastic materials and rubbery materials. On the one hand, it is elastic, with an elongation at break of 196[%], which is a few times more than tested within PA group of materials. But on the other hand, it can be covered with the sealer which makes it watertight and airtight. And this is an entirely new feature. 

More options for rapid prototyping

TPE can be compared to vulcanized caoutchouc (rubber) which is characterized by durability and at the same time susceptibility to elastic deformation. But unlike caoutchouc, TPE can be used in additive manufacturing which makes it ideal for footwear prototypes, hoses, and tubes. What is more, TPE from Sinterit is open for skin-touch applications which broaden the possibilities for all industries that are developing products when touching the skin is essential in the testing process.

– It was important for Sinterit to introduce TPE material to the small SLS 3D printers, as it opens up the possibilities for our clients – says Konrad Głowacki, Sinterit Co-Founder. – Revealing the white TPU powder last week was an answer to a lot of questions about going white with our powders. Water tightness and therefore air-tightness have been the next frequently raised issues, and we are happy to deliver the solution – he adds.

Those properties make TPE ideal for application in the automotive and household sectors.

Strong, dense and elastic means more options for various industries.

Let’s think about more usages. Any final part that needs to be impact or vibrations resistant could be easily printed from TPE. Like for example dampeners, which additionally need non-slip characteristics. This feature is also essential for the automotive industry, for such applications like anti-skid pads, beverage cup rugs, doors, and windows seals or adjusting knobs.  

For households application TPE is used for toothbrush or shaver handles, sanitary seals, furniture handles and more. It is also frequently used in electronic goods like mobile phone housing, and power tools handles, switches, wires and all the other types of elastic casings. 

TPE is available in grey color for both Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro. The printouts are very soft in touch, comparable to the real rubber. Even without the sealer, it feels like it was covered with something smooth. 

Michał Krzak
Marketing Communication Manager, Sinterit
[email protected]


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