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 13 September 2017

The most available SLS printer on the market – Sinterit reduces the price of Lisa printer

The SLS 3D printer by Sinterit has become the most available desktop printer in the world. The solutions developed by Sinterit experts in the last three years made it possible to significantly reduce the price of this printer and to offer a complete SLS solution for top-quality prints. Sinterit is happy to offer access to the laser sintering technology to a bigger group of recipients, including smaller companies.

The pioneer approach of Sinterit has resulted in world’s first desktop SLS printer –  Lisa – introduced several years ago. Today, its upgraded version can be found in numerous design studios and offices ensuring the top quality of print. Previously only industrial machines operated in the SLS technology, while prints were prepared solely upon a subcontractor order. Sinterit made this advanced technology accessible even to small and medium organisations enabling them to work on their projects directly, right after the completion of the virtual planning process.

SLS makes it possible to print very precise elements even if they are composed of numerous mobile parts. 3D prints prepared in this technology can be very complex, are long-lasting, very durable and resistant to external conditions such as temperature. This technology uses prints not only for prototyping projects but also for short series or even single piece production.

The reduction of the printer’s price was possible thanks to optimising the technological solutions, modifying the distribution system and launching online sales.

Starting today, September 13, 2017, a ready to go Sinterit Lisa printer is available from € 4990.

About Sinterit

Sinterit is the first manufacturer of desktop selective laser sintering 3D printers, with mission focused on  providing professional and cost-effective 3D printers in SLS technology. The company, founded by ex-Google employees, has experience on the market from 2014 and delivers reliable, high-precision printer to customers around the world. During the 3 years of presence on the market, Sinterit Lisa has printed  multiple 3D products. In 2017, Sinterit has secured additional EUR 1.1m funding from additive manufacturer FIT AG. For more information visit www.sinterit.com or follow @sinterit.

More information:

Magda Worytko
PR Consultant, Planet PR
[email protected]
+48 602 701 061

Iwona Skolicka
CMO, Sinterit
[email protected]

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