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 09 July 2018

New generation of the flagship Sinterit Lisa SLS printer

For more than three years on the market, Sinterit Lisa has gained the reputation of being the only desktop SLS , able to print complex and precise prints with the same quality as big and expensive SLS machines. Now things are going to be even better. Starting July 2018, Sinterit is launching a new generation of Lisa.

Two months after releasing Lisa 2 PRO, Sinterit decided to upgrade their first model – Lisa. Both 3D printers are working in selective laser sintering technology, but they answer different user’s needs.

Main changes in original Lisa

Bigger prints, better hardware and easier maintenance are among the most significant changes implemented in the new generation of Sinterit’s flagship product. The prize will change as well, but now with pre-orders you can get the newest model in an old price.

– Our R&D team was continuously working from the release date of Sinterit Lisa in 2014 – says Michal Grzymala-Moszczynski, one of the company’s co-founders, responsible for Product Development. – We spent almost every day of this nearly four year period finding out what could be done better, more comfortable for the user and as flawless as possible. I am so proud of the fantastic work and incredible dedication of our engineers. Their work is going to help our clients print better and more reliably – he adds.

– On the other hand, we are more than pleased that our customers from all over the world were sharing their thoughts and ideas on what to change or implement in Lisa – says Konrad Glowacki, another co-founder responsible for Sales. – There is nothing better than real feedback from a person who uses your 3D printer – he concludes.

Bigger prints

One of the most significant changes is the increased printing size on the Y-axis. Thanks to it, the overall diagonal dimension of the printing area raised from 227 to 245 mm.

As the physical size of the printing bed didn’t change, the printing area is better heated, which makes it possible to print larger objects.

Better reliability of prints

– Recent hardware enhancements resulted in better temperature management and boosted the reliability of prints – says Paweł Szczurek, Sinterit’s CEO responsible also for the IT department.

There were plenty of changes which made the whole system more tight and hindering from losing temperature (e.g. more tight gasket, more tight protective glass)

Easier maintenance

With easier access to the lid and simple method of laser protective glass replacement, it shortens the time needed to start printing and clean the Lisa afterward.

Altogether with improved UX and easier maintenance makes the new generation of Sinterit Lisa even better than its predecessor.

Pre-orders in an old price

Sinterit’s sales team decided to take pre-orders for the new generation of Lisa in an old prize (from 4990 euro). This offer is available until August 1st.

About Sinterit

Sinterit is the first manufacturer of desktop selective laser sintering 3D printers, with a mission to accelerate the world’s development by giving access to innovative 3D printing SLS technology. It has a focus on ease of use, versatility and availability, so that tomorrow can happen today. The company, founded by former Google employees with experience in the industry since 2014, delivers reliable, high-precision printers to customers around the world. During its three years on the market, Sinterit LISA has printed thousands of 3D products. For more information visit www.sinterit.com or follow @Sinterit on Facebook, Twitter or watch our new film on YouTube.

More information:

Michał Krzak
Marketing Communication Manager, Sinterit
[email protected]

Iwona Skolicka
CMO, Sinterit
[email protected]

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