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Sinterit is the company based in Kraków (Poland) that specializes in the development of SLS 3D printers. It has been found in 2014. Sinterit’s mission is to give access to advanced and affordable 3d printer in SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology. We focus on ease of use, versatility, and availability. Our vision is to pioneer the process in which new technologies like 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing.

SLS technology is the next step in 3d printing: it makes possible to print objects that are difficult or impossible to be printed in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technique – the most popular technology in the 3d printing market. Currently, Sinterit ships Lisa all over the world.

Press Releases

5 July 2019

Engineers are converting into 3D printing to get better-paid jobs

Additive manufacturing irrevocably changed a lot of industries. It is impossible to imagine the future of automotive, aerospace or even medicine without rapid prototyping. Engineers and lab assistants are learning this new technology to become better-paid professionals. But essentially, to keep up-to-date with the fast-changing environment. What is the most effective way to learn advanced 3D printing technology?


14 June 2019

High tech companies use video to talk about difficult matters

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The video brings even more content. This is why companies are flirting with this form of communication. It is fast, precise and easy for the audience to understand. Even the most difficult issues, are becoming much easier to explain and therefore to learn.

PA12 smooth video feature image

25 May 2019

Universities need small SLS 3D printers. Comparison with big SLS.

Education sector uses 3D printers a lot. From simple and cheap FDMs to the most sophisticated metal printing devices. Teaching, testing, printing a lot. Those devices need to be simple, affordable, high tech and easy to repair.

dr inż. Piotr Dudek

20 May 2019

Talented Mr. Simon. How talent and 3D printing revolutionize production lines

Simon Grabowski is a young, talented technician whose professional career is just beginning. A few months ago, he started working on assembling 3D printers. Today, he creates tools to optimize the production of an international technology company. How did he achieve it?

Szymon Grabowski

15 May 2019

How to cut down product launching costs?

Maciej Burzyński is a product designer in Sybet, a Polish company that creates integrated security systems for the mining industry. He carries enormous responsibility, not only for the usability but also for all of the technological and production issues. But what is most important, the cost-effectiveness of implementing a new product on the market.

Prototyped with Sinterit Lisa

10 March 2018

How long you need to wait for a desktop SLS 3D printer?

When 3D Printing Industry reviewed Lisa Pro last year, the company was delivering the first printers to the customers. Now it has become the ongoing process with two months lead time for every new customer.

Lisa Pro short lead time

29 January 2018

Paweł Piszko granted the prestigious “25 under 25” award by Forbes

Without people, there would be no company. We are proud that our chemist, Paweł Piszko, has been granted the prestigious “25 under 25” award by Forbes and the Warsaw office of McKinsey & Company.

Pawel Piszko

20 October 2018

TPE powder opens the new chapter for small SLS 3D printers

In the eve of Formnext 2018 Sinterit launches the new type of powder for small SLS 3D printers – TPE. It is the first thermoplastic elastomer in the company’s offer.

Bellow TPE printed with Sinterit Lisa

19 October 2018

Sinterit is going white with Flexa Bright

Is it possible to achieve white color on a small SLS 3D printer? This question was asked a hundred times. Somehow clients love white materials, but in selective laser sintering technology, it was usually connected with big, industrial machines. Out of range for many SMEs. Now, Sinterit decided to change it and provide the first TPU material that is as close to the white color as it is possible, preserving the material’s properties at the same time.


15 October 2018

Sinterit launches the softest TPU used in small SLS 3D printers

At Formnext 2018 Sinterit will show the softest TPU powder dedicated for small SLS 3D printers, called Flexa Soft. With the lowest hardness (measured in Shore A type scale) in this material range, its wide usability is unprecedented.

Materal: Flexa Soft

12 October 2018

First available PA11 for the desktop SLS 3D printers

Since the introduction of Sinterit Lisa, the first SLS desktop 3D printer, selective laser sintering has been used to address more and more problems in many areas such as prototyping, medical applications, production, and design. Sinterit is going forward in this process introducing the first PA11 powder ready to use in desktop SLS 3D printers.


10 August 2018

Startups use SLS 3D printers to enter the market

Trends of the global startups market show that the era of virtual ventures is in the downturn. Now it is time for advanced manufacturing. With that in mind, business owners are looking for reliable and inexpensive tools for prototyping.

Locky model

14 July 2018

Sinterit Lisa awarded for the “Best Desktop SLS 3D Printer” on the market.

One of the world fastest growing manufacturers, Sinterit maintains its high position in the desktop SLS 3D printing branch. It was just awarded “Best Desktop SLS 3D Printer” by the All3DP authority as for Summer 2018. It was announced in the last week of the pre-sale of the upgraded model of Lisa.


 09 July 2018

How cardiologists use 3D printing to save tiny lives

Pediatric cardiac surgery is one of the most demanding medical specialties. It needs to deal with delicate structures like tiny little hearts of neonates. Here is a story about a determined child surgeon, his newborn patient with a heart defect and child’s mother.

 09 July 2018

New generation of the flagship Sinterit Lisa SLS printer

Sinterit Lisa is the first and leading desktop-size selective laser sintering 3D printer. For three years on the market, it has gained the reputation of being the only desktop SLS, able to print complex and precise prints with the same quality as big and expensive SLS machines. It is not only easy-to-use but also extremely affordable as for the SLS technology printer.

Now with increased printing size in Y-axis, the overall diagonal dimension of the printing area raised from 227 to 245 mm. Recent hardware enhancements resulted in the better temperature management and boosted the reliability of prints. Altogether with improved UX and easier maintenance makes the new generation of Sinterit Lisa even better than its predecessor.

 29 June 2018

Becoming Miss South Africa with 3D printed fashion

For fashion designers, all of the beauty contests are important, especially when it comes to the Miss Pageants. The apparel may help or squander the chances to win the competition. It is the story of how SLS 3D printing technology helped Ciska Barnard, the Bambshell® Swimwear designer create the unique collection for the Miss South Africa finalists.

 16 May 2018

The initiator of the 3D printing desktop SLS segment now launches a new product – Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

The need to break down barriers is a constant inspiration for the co-founders of Sinterit. It led them to create the first desktop SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D printer and helped them enhance it to make an even better product.
By consistently following its mission to open up access to this advanced SLS technology, Sinterit is now introducing its second desktop SLS machine, which can empower the creativity of engineers and designers, right in their office or lab.

 20 March 2018

How 3d printed bike grips revolutionize downhill mountain biking

Riccardo, mechanical engineer and Andrea, the medical doctor with interest in the modern technologies used in sports, decided to improve the quality of extreme biking. Combination of their experience and skills paved the way to produce 3d printed, vibration absorbing bike grips. During the prototyping process, they met Sinterit, producer of desktop 3d printers operating is selective laser sintering (SLS) technology.

 22 January 2018

Anti-pollution mask for children made available thanks to Sinterit SLS technology and Autodesk software

Living in increasingly contaminated cities, people are using protective masks more and more frequently. While there are many styles for adults, there are far fewer designed especially for children, for whom pollution is definitely more harmful. At least on a massive scale.

 08 November 2017

The World’s first printed pleating costume

At the beginning of December in London, during a show of the prestigious Royal College of Art (RCA), it will be possible to see a combination of the elements of Chinese tradition, modern technology, geometrical forms, and the haute couture fashion designs. During the premiere of “Farewell My Concubine” – a play of the Beijing Opera, the actors will perform in costumes printed using the Sinterit Lisa printer taking advantage of the 3D SLS technology.

 11 October 2017

AR technology in glasses from SLS 3D printer

The combination of virtual 3D reality and non-virtual reality is the result of collaboration of Sinterit and Professor Rigo Herold – a German researcher working on developing AR technology as well as on the design of data glasses.

 13 September 2017

The most available SLS printer on the market – Sinterit reduces the price of Lisa printer

The solutions developed by Sinterit experts in the last three years made it possible to significantly reduce the price of Lisa printer and to offer a complete SLS solution for top-quality prints.

 31 July 2017

Sinterit’s 3D-printing – a new hope for children with SMA

Sinterit, the world’s first producer of desktop SLS 3D printer, together with 3D designer created an exoskeleton arm – a solution that gives children with SMA possibility to move hands, draw, play and express themselves.

 31 May 2017

Autodesk Netfabb and Sinterit make SLS 3D printing easier than ever

Autodesk Netfabb industrial additive software has added support for Sinterit Lisa, an affordable selective laser sintering (SLS) printer. With a new sieve and automated operation, SLS quality printing has become easier than ever.

 30 May 2017

With the new sieve, Sinterit introduces the first end-to-end SLS desktop system

Sinterit, the manufacturer of desktop laser sintering 3D printers, now offers a sieve that cleans the powder and facilitates multiple uses of the material. Together with Lisa printer and sandblaster, Sinterit has created the most accessible and easy to use SLS end-to-end solution on the market.

 31 January 2017

Sinterit raises over €1 million from FIT AG

Sinterit, the manufacturer of desktop laser sintering systems based in Krakow, Poland, announces that it has secured additional funding to the amount of EUR 1.1m by way of a rights issue. Sole underwriter was German additive manufacturer FIT AG, based in Lupburg near Munich. Terms of the funding were not disclosed, but Sinterit remains independent and FIT AG has not taken a seat on Sinterit’s board.

Logos & Photos download

Sinterit and Sinterit Lisa logo – in *.png and *.eps file format

High-resolution photos of Sinterit Lisa in RGB / CMYK color model

High-resolution photos of models printed on Sinterit Lisa in RGB / CMYK color model

Photos of Sinterit team

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