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Specialized PA11 material with heat resistance and ESD functionality

PA11 ESD features:

  • ESD safe material
  • Better thermal properties
  • Dimension stability
  • Good mechanical performance
  • Bio-sourced from castor oil

Material type: Nylon 11
Tensile Strength: 46 / 50 MPa (tested on virgin powder)
Elongation at Break: 27%
Refresh ratio: 60%
Specific volume resistance1.0✕10⁵ Ω
Specific surface resistance: 5.3✕10⁴ Ω


  • electronic casing
  • test fixtures for electronics
  • fixtures for assembly of electronics
  • parts used in explosive atmospheres
  • fixtures for electrostatic dissipation
  • automotive parts
  • high-accuracy parts
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