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Paweł Piszko granted the prestigious “25 under 25” award by Forbes

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Without people, there would be no company. We are proud that our chemist, Paweł Piszko, has been granted the prestigious “25 under 25” award by Forbes and the Warsaw office of McKinsey & Company.

In a country with forty million inhabitants like Poland, finding a group of the 25 most talented young Poles who want to change the socio-economic face of the country is not so easy. There are five categories, such as business, new technologies, social activities, support for diversity and science. Paweł found himself among five young scientists.

The jury appreciated his work on the development of increasing the efficiency of energy collection from renewable sources, in particular, the use of polymer brushes in new generation solar cells.

We asked Professor Dr hab. Stephen Zapotoczny from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University to tell us more about Paweł.

– Mr. Paweł Piszko was doing my bachelor’s thesis on obtaining new thin polymer layers, so-called polymer brushes, for potential applications in organic photovoltaics. He became known as an active student with extensive interests and great independence in action. He has a great initiative in conducting scientific research and developing his skills in this field, which deserves to be recognized. – Professor Zapotoczny told us.

– On his effort, he applied and completed a scientific internship in the group of Professor Klok (Polytechnic University in Lausanne, Switzerland), which allowed him to develop in the field of polymer chemistry significantly. He is also involved in the implementation of projects carried out under the bottom-up initiative “Complexity Garage” (at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University), which I also support and under which I cooperate with Mr. Paweł. – added.

We are delighted that Paweł chose Sinterit as a place where he can develop his skills and check the results of his scientific activities in practice. As part of his work, he researches the chemical processes that occur during the sintering of polymers, which allows us to improve the materials that Lisa and Lisa Pro, our flagship SLS 3D printers, print from.

It is difficult not to indicate Paweł’s additional interests, including the “Garage of Complexity,” mentioned by professor Zapotoczny. Paweł works within its framework to create a new generation of material, a bio-ink that will be cheap and biocompatible, and in the future can be used to print tissues. Another project in which Paweł is responsible for the coordination of scientific work is “SCORPIO,” a Mars rover built by the Wrocław University of Technology.

When we asked Paweł what his goal is, he answered that it is having an impact on the architecture of society. We know that being a laureate of the prestigious competition “25 under 25” his knowledge and experience will reach a much larger group of people. The entire Sinterit team wishes Paweł further successes and warmly congratulates.



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