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Meet the winners of the first SLS Design Challenge

415 submissions from six continents, three categories to choose from and 4 awarded designers. We have just picked the winners of the first My Mini Factory Challenge for the best project designed for execution in the SLS 3D technology. The winner of the first prize will receive the first desktop SLS 3D printer – Sinterit Lisa, which is the most available SLS 3D printer on the market.

It was not an easy job to choose from a vast number of great designs. A lot of them amused us but one, the Barrel Padlock was especially astonishing and it is the winner. Its author, Bartus not only designed beautiful, functional and fully working mechanism, but also proved himself to be knowledgeable about SLS printing possibilities. His work shows how powerful Lisa printer is. You can print such sophisticated and working model, with a lot of inner elements, in one piece. No assembly required.

Because we empower creation, and a number of great designs submitted to our challenge were so vast, that we decided to give additional distinctions to the authors of three outstanding projects. That’s why we would like to appreciate Jeremy Webb for his Functional Windup Clock, Morgan for Black Widow Gauntlet and Bertan Atamer for Printable Flexible Wallet. Authors will get their models and we would like to award them with special case studies which will tell more about their projects, the way of designing and the background behind them.

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s development by giving access to innovative 3D printing SLS technology. Focus on ease of use, versatility, and availability, so that tomorrow can happen today. We believe that by giving Sinterit Lisa 3D printer to this talented designer a lot of great ideas will come to life.

I wholeheartedly congratulate Bartus for winning Lisa and wish him a lot of fun designing and printing breathtaking models – says Paweł Szczurek, Sinterit Co-founder and CEO. With the record number of participants, watching all of this great designs being printed using Sinterit Lisa 3D printer was a great pleasure. We know that with SLS technology designers can really empower their creation, not possible with other technologies. Despite the complexity, the models printed are durable and precise – adds Paweł Szczurek.

Organising the first Challenge based on a project designed for execution in SLS 3D technology is a sign of revolution that has been taking place on the 3D market for several years now. As far as we are concerned, as regards technical complexity, it was the most advanced competition in My Mini Factory history. In 2014, Sinterit, as the first manufacturer in the world, started sales of a desktop device that enables precise print of projects in industrial SLS 3D quality. Today, the device is available to a bigger group of customers due to its size and price (from 4990 EUR). It enables all fans of 3D print to realize even the most complex projects.

The selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, thanks to the formula of generating movable prints without a supporting structure, from top quality materials resistant to external factors, is a definite step forward for people using the technology of 3D printing. It is a creative drive for designers because the possibilities offered by SLS 3D print (especially in terms of projects that can be completed by yourself on your desk), inspire one to act and develop (whether it is for passion, education or business purposes).

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