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More precise prints and WiFi camera in the newest Sinterit Studio and printers software update

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We have released the new software update which changes a lot for Lisa and Lisa Pro desktop SLS 3D printers users.

More detailed printing from Flexas and PA 11 Onyx.

Thanks to the new profiles of all of the Flexas (TPU materials) and PA11 Onyx the prints are even more precise, with the accuracy of reproduction from the image of 3D software up to 100 micrometers.

Sinterit decided to keep the previous profiles (v.1) for the happy users who were used to current parameters. But everyone is encouraged to test the new solution (v.2).

Watch the printing process online

For the first time, Sinterit decided to stream video from printers cameras via WiFi. Now you can watch the printing process straight from your laptop anywhere you are whenever you want.

Sinterit Studio Wifi image

Easier “step-by-step” guide on screen

With the introduced graphics on printers screens, it is easier to follow the commands and in the end, make the whole printer startup procedure smoother. Now it is almost impossible to forget some step.

Faster software

More good news: the optimized slicing in Sinterit Studio makes it faster than before and use less RAM. Models are easier to manipulate even on the weaker graphics cards.

Check your printer version for the best results

There is a new button on a printer menu screen called “About”. After clicking, you will get the version of your printer. It will be useful during model preparation in Sinterit Studio, which now asks you to provide the number. Now the printing process will be the most accurate and optimized for it. Sinterit provided several upgrades since the product launch five years ago, so it is important to match the proper profile of software to your printer.

All of those changes were made for better consumer experience for both Lisa and Lisa Pro. As every part of our 3D printers or the software is designed, developed and brought to life in our HQ in Kraków, Poland, we can modify it anytime it is needed. For our clients, it is a warranty that we will always adapt to their needs, changing the environment or new technological possibilities.

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