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Media mentions: Fabbaloo


24 April 2019

“For years SLS systems have been financially out of reach for many organizations due to the extreme costs involved. However, recently Sinterit and a few other organizations introduced the concept of low-cost desktop SLS systems that have since proven to be quite popular.

The most popular materials used in SLS 3D printing are nylons, particularly PA12. Sinterit provides materials to go along with their 3D printing equipment, and of course, they provide PA12. Another common material used in their systems is PA11. These two materials both offer very practical characteristics that are applicable in many situations.”

Media mentions: Forbes


25 January 2019

“Sinterit acknowledges as it prepares for its next funding round. The company says it experienced 260% growth in 2018, adding that, “Effective investment trend shows that we are facing the professionalization of the market.”


3D Printing Industry

21 December 2018

“We were impressed by the quality of the print produced during our testing, especially in terms of strength.”



3 August 2018

“The original Lisa has also been improved to have a slight larger build area that, due to a better heated bed, will make it possible to print larger objects. Better temperature management, through a tighter gasket and protective glass, has enhanced the overall reliability of the printer. The new version also has a lid with easier access.”



16 May 2018

“The wide variety of materials that the Lisa 2 can print with means that customers can use it for a wide variety of applications, both prototyping and functional parts in industries such as automotive, electronics, robotics, plastics, medicine and more.”



January 21, 2018

“By making SLS technology more compact and affordable, Sinterit is making it easier for small-to-medium sized businesses to integrate 3D printing into its production workflow without breaking the bank or taking up too much space. Even larger companies can use the Sinterit Lisa as an introduction to this advanced manufacturing technology. The desktop SLS 3D printer is also ideal for use in research and education.”

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