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International LEGO Day

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As you know, one of our main goals in Sinterit is to empower creation. When we think about LEGO and its almost 86 years history, we are sure that connecting plastic bricks was and still is a great school of craft for the generations of designers. Simple form with almost unlimited possibilities. Will 3D printers make it possible to go even further?

LEGO gives you a lot of options. If you are not happy with what you made, just take a few steps, or bricks, back and start again. Rethink your model. The same is with 3D print. Let’s suppose that you are designing some part of an engine for car, airplane or whatever. In pre-3d printing era, you needed to make sure that your concept was perfectly designed, molds were properly made and the final product would work just fine. But what if you were wrong? The cost could have been enormous. All this investment just for the knowledge how to make it work. Nowadays, with affordable printers like Sinterit Lisa, operating in such sophisticated technology, you can test your inventions with as little expenses as possible. When something went wrong, you can easily go back, redesign and in few hours test it again.

The next great feature of LEGO is its modularity. Isn’t it great to start the new design with simple, repeatable parts that can empower your imagination? The simplest things are usually the best ones. When designing our printers we had that in mind. That’s why printing on Sinterit Lisa is so intuitive. You need to spend as much time as possible on your original idea, not as a tool operator. From the start to an end of the printing process everything happens automatically.

The SLS advantage over other technologies is that the post-processing is so clever. You don’t have any supports to cut, your prints are ready to use, movable and durable, just as LEGO bricks are, without the need of using scissors or glue to connect them.  

At last thanks to its affordable price SLS, just like LEGO can be extremely accessible for ones who would like to change things. Look outside the box of the boundaries which blocs their imagination.

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