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WEBINAR: How to efficiently use Sinterit Studio

Designing for SLS, Knowledge | 0 comments

It is a 2nd edition of the webinar dedicated to the optimal use of Sinterit Studio. Subscribe to our mailing list and watch the latest webinar. Learn how to use Sinterit Studio as a tool to get the best out of the printer. Be aware of the best practices in powder management. Design and post-process to get exactly the object you want.

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    How to use Sinterit Studio efficiently


    I. Solution workflow is easy

    ✔ Sinterit SLS solution workflow

    II. Sinterit Studio is a tool

    ✔ When to choose Sinterit Studio Advanced?
    ✔ Good Practices of a 3D operator

    III. Powder management is a secret

    ✔ How to maintain powder properly
    ✔ Using and storing of the powder
    ✔ Refreshing ratio

    IV. Design is a key

    ✔ Best practices for model designing
    ✔ 4 major principles of design
    ✔ How to interpret information displayed in Sinterit Studio?
    ✔ Layer height and printing speed
    ✔ Optimization of models’ arrangement in the print bed

    V. Post processing is a pleasure

    ✔ Which Sinterit Sandblaster is better for me?
    ✔ How to properly sandblast printouts
    ✔ Smooth process using new peripherals and accessories

    VI. Q&A

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