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High tech companies use video to talk about difficult matters

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Video is becoming the industry standard for high tech companies to talk about technical issues. How to discuss difficult matters in the most accessible way?

PA12 smooth video feature image

Make it easy

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The video brings even more content. This is why companies are flirting with this form of communication. It is fast, precise and easy for the audience to understand. Even the most difficult issues, are becoming much easier to explain and therefore to learn.

It is especially important in the high tech business. Innovative companies have to name things, made glossaries, as there are so many new solutions that doesn’t even appear in dictionaries.

Additive manufacturing branch is a perfect example, as it is so young and still immature. Just imagine, it started to gain popularity nearly the same time when the iPhone entered the market. I can say that both mobility and rapid prototyping are growing together and now they entered the exciting and troublesome period of being teenagers. It is why they are hungry to share their real message, without a marketing envelope. You know what I mean.

The manuals of the future

Just look at this video, showing how to replace the recoater’s cord in Sinterit Lisa 3D printer. But do you know what “recoater” means? Even when I am writing this article, my word editor suggest to exchange “recoater” with “reporter”. After watching this short movie it becomes easy, even if a minute before you didn’t know for what the “recoater” stand for.

Useful info instead of plain marketing

The next great thing which is happening right now is that companies start to use video for other reasons than a plain marketing. Sharing useful information, without self-promotion is appreciated by the clients. Because they want to find out if this or that product will become a good choice for their purposes. To judge it by themselves, without the need for sifting promotional content.

Sinterit, a producer of desktop SLS 3D printers started to make movies showing the properties of powders used in selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing. Starring Konrad Kobus, a.k.a. Smooth Operator, who is a mechanical engineer talking about powder properties, or the possible applications, the same time playing with the viewer in a funny way.

Is this a way other high tech companies would follow? We will see in the nearest future.

Videos mentioned in the article:

Replacing the recoater cord in Sinterit Lisa Pro

Sinterit PA12 Smooth: the most all-purpose SLS 3D printing material

Both movies were made by Wojciech Hajduk

Michał Krzak
Communication Manager

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