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Sinterit SLS 3D printers
for education

Imagination enhanced


We deliver a complete end-to-end printing system consisting of printers, SLS powders of different kinds and post-processing devices dedicated for universities and technical schools.


Online courses, tutorials and webinars ar a part of our solution suited for educational institutions. We know that what you need is not just a working printer. You want to know all about the technology.


We understand that every education institution has its individual needs. That is why we are ready to help you to choose the best configuration of your printing solution.


We assure full technical support. No matter if you’re just setting up the printer for the first use or have a very specific question as an experienced user. Just call us whenever you need.

As a manufacturer of SLS 3D printers, we know that there is a whole new generation of designers and engineers being brought up on additive manufacturing technologies.

Your students should have the possibility to become familiar the most functional tools of the future.


Develop creative skills

Print tangible models of mechanisms or spatial shapes

Increase your students’ engagement

Teach 3D technologies


Print prototypes

Test new structures

Create any shape without supporting structures

Let students and scientists instantly test their ideas

SLS 3D printers are helping to educate architects, mechanical engineers designers and even artists in hundreds of schools and universities.

Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro represent the segment of small SLS printers. They are just slightly bigger than FDM devices, but as they are using selective laser sintering technology, they are able to print movable parts, working mechanisms and spatial shapes of any kind without any supporting structures. What is more, printing from powder makes them incredibly precise.

High resolution of prints and the freedom of form and make benchtop SLS printers the best and most versatile choice for educational purposes at schools and universities. Along with our e-learning platform, they are a fantastic tool to teach 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies at art and technical schools.

Rigo Herold

Professor Dr.-Ing., Zwickau University in Germany

“Research institutions produce 90% only prototypes. In order to be able to realize such prototypes internally, appropriate 3D printing technology is required. Larger SLS 3D printers are often hard to acquire because they require space, media, and staffing. Desktop SLS printers are ideally suited to these requirements. “


Sinterit devices are designed to be the most easy to use SLS printers on the market. The software guides the user through the whole printing process from loading the file to taking out the print.

Thanks to its multiple applications SLS 3D printing can be widely used as a tool for scientific grants.
Contact us if you want to find the best solution for your planned projects.

Let your students take part in the additive manufacturing revolution.

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