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Why SLS printing?

  • SLS technology has the best accuracy and the ability to print even the most complex shapes, many of which are impossible to print with other technologies
  • You don’t need any support structures – Prints made in an SLS printer are self-supported by powder. You are able to print fully movable parts and you can do it all in one piece.

Why Sinterit Lisa for education?

  • We are offering the most affordable SLS 3D printer in the world – starting from 4990€ ! So before investing in 100K euro machine you can learn the technology beforehand.
  • Easy to use – just “plug and play”, so ideal for people who never had an opportunity to print with powder on SLS machine. The software is easier to use and the process is faster than in case of industrial SLS machines. We also have full end-to-end solution for cleaning and powder handling.
  • Compact size – best for teaching or experiments in the lab. Doesn’t require too much space and is easy to move.
  • Reliable and recommended by our customers from universities.
  • Economic: powder recovery system allows printing with up to 100% recycled powder!

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