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Why should I choose SLS benchtop technology?

— Webinar —

In this webinar Konrad talks about the SLS technique of 3D printing and its advantages in a direct comparison to other, competitive techniques, like FDM and SLA.


To help you better understand the SLS technology Konrad explains:

  • What exactly is SLS?
  • Which methods of 3D printing require support structures? Why it’s necessary to be able to print without them, and why they are not needed while printing objects with SLS?
  • Why is SLS technique the most cost and time-efficient of all additive manufacturing processes?
  • Why is SLS one of the best way of printing detailed objects?
  • What properties do SLS parts have?
  • What are the properties of materials used in Sinterit SLS 3D printers?

Presented by Konrad Kobus

Konrad Kobus

Konrad Kobus is a mechanical engineer, working in the Research and Development Department at Sinterit. He has over seven years of experience in machine design, robotics, and mechatronics. When he was working at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow he had the opportunity to work with several FDM printers, learning their pros and cons to the largest extent possible. Now he is working on the SLS systems, having a lot of fun with them.