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WEBINAR: NILS 480 launch

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Meet NILS 480, our new industrial SLS 3D printer. By watching our launching webinar  you will learn how fast you can print using the full 200 x 200 x 330 mm print size. You will get familiar with our completely new product line and learn why NILS 480 is a game-changer for industrial SLS 3D printing.  

WEBINAR: Polypropylene (PP) in the Sinterit SLS Solution – official launch

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The 8th material for our compact SLS 3D printing system.


WEBINAR: Compact SLS setup. What do I really need to get into SLS 3D printing?

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Our SLS 3D printing solution can be tailored for everyone who needs this technology. You can have a sophisticated system for very fast workflow or a basic solution that consists of a Lisa printer, powder sieve, and basic tools if that fits your needs. From this webinar, you'll learn what to take into account while choosing an SLS set for you.  

WEBINAR: From Powder to Product – how to integrate a SLS 3D printer into your workflow

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We know that you are interested in enabling more efficiency in the development and launch of projects. This is what we are after as well here in Sinterit! Together with our North American partner, we are going to get you to step forward from the current state of mind about 3D Printing.  

WEBINAR: Sinterit Solution on the Next Level – PHS and PA11 ESD

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During the webinar our experts will show you and guide you through the features of our brand new product - the Powder Handling Station. They will also talk about the 7th material in our offer, PA11 ESD  

How to prepare a perfect design for SLS technology? WEBINAR

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We're sharing the recording of our live webinar: How to prepare a perfect design for SLS technology. Konrad Kobus, a mechanical engineer, working in the Research and Development Department at Sinterit, will give you several hints about designing and preparing your models for SLS desktop 3D printer. This knowledge will help you get the most out of this advanced technology.  

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