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Creating lighting solutions and unique track lighting system by using Lisa PRO

A.A.G. Stucchi has been an active leader in the field of lighting for more than 70 years, producing “Made in Italy” quality components. They have evolved from being a component supplier to a reliable partner in creating lighting solutions.

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Rapid Response Team as a guarantee of quickly made bespoke parts

With the introduction of a dedicated Rapid Response Team, Bulgin can provide fast turnaround times on bespoke customer projects and requirements. They range from the manufacturing of cable assemblies to bespoke product customisations and developments Bulgin hopes to provide a response to the customers’ query in 48 hours.

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How to bring products to the market sooner?

Rotite is an innovative low profile, high strength, polymer fastening technology used in various applications (e.g., hermetic USB connectors, strap fastenings for baby seats to composite panel fastening in the automotive sector)

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