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How to expedite research and development of new products?

Nabson’s largest business operation is manufacturing ground power cable assemblies and connectors for the commercial and defense aviation industry. In early 2019, Nabson purchased a dual-head FDM 3D printer to expedite research and development of new products and the development of one of its product lines.

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Final car elements with SLS prints of very high strength and resistance

OctoClassic is a company that produces professional spare parts for classic cars. The founders met in 2019 and decided to combine their background: Filip – classic cars restoration, and Krystian – 3D engineering.

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Motion control solutions that better meet the requirements of each client

REGNER® is a well-known OEM provider of motion control solutions, from control boxes to linear actuators, that bases its success on providing world-class support in a market that moves very quickly.

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Over 100 printed parts in a racing car

Over the years the number of 3D printed parts has increased, the value added by using 3D printed parts is self-evident, and now that the team has access to the low-cost Sinterit system, they can afford to develop more parts.

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