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Your virtual backup printer


Care Plan is a kind of guarantee extension that works like a replacement printer located in our headquarters, working on your behalf.

During the time of repair, we assign equivalent printing capabilities for you and deliver the printouts without additional costs. Care Plan is available in all EU countries.


No risk of delays or production stoppages

Security provided for the whole repair time

Mitigating any risk of delays

It works even after the warranty period

It works even if the printer is damaged by your fault


Basic price in Lisa Set €990
Price after buying the printer €1,290
Renewal for next year €1,290
Basic price for Lisa Pro in Set €1,490
Renewal for next year for Lisa Pro €1,790


Purchase Care Plan

Register your printer's serial number

If your device needs repair, send it to us

During repair time we create a virtual printer. It has capabilities equivalent to yours.

You send us files, we make the prints and ship them to you.

Printing potential is equal to the capabilities of the printer being serviced. It means that there are the same time and size restrictions. We print from the powders that you have been ordering before. All the printing costs, including materials, remain on our side. We send the printouts once a week.

The last printouts will be delivered with the repaired printer.


What happens with the Care Plan if I decide to sell the printer?

The Care Plan is assigned to your printer’s serial number, so it will work for the future owner.

Can I order prints from materials that are not distributed by Sinterit?

You can print using only original Sinterit powders, limited to the kinds that you have been ordering before.

How long does it take from sending files to ship the printouts?

The production time will be specified by the Sinterit Studio, it shouldn’t vary from the time on your device. Postprocessing (cleaning, sandblasting, packaging etc.) takes one working day, switching materials takes one working day.

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