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WEBINAR: From Powder to Product – how to integrate a SLS 3D printer into your workflow

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We know that you are interested in enabling more efficiency in the development and launch of projects. This is what we are after as well here in Sinterit! Together with our North American partner, we are going to get you to step forward from the current state of mind about 3D Printing.  

WEBINAR: Sinterit Solution on the Next Level – PHS and PA11 ESD

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During the webinar our experts will show you and guide you through the features of our brand new product - the Powder Handling Station. They will also talk about the 7th material in our offer, PA11 ESD  

WEBINAR: How to efficiently use Sinterit Studio

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It is a 2nd edition of the webinar dedicated to the optimal use of Sinterit Studio. Subscribe to our mailing list and watch the latest webinar. Learn how to use Sinterit Studio as a tool to get the best out of the printer. Be aware of the best practices in powder management. Design and post-process to get exactly the object you want.  

WEBINAR: How to get great printouts on Sinterit SLS Printers

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Subscribe to our mailing list and watch the latest webinar. Learn how to use Sinterit Studio as a tool to get the best out of the printer. Be aware of the best practices in powder management. Design and post process to get exactly the object you want.  

Social Distancing made easy with Desktop 3D Printing

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First off, what’s a Maggy? Maggy is a small wearable device helping you to maintain social distancing while keeping your privacy. It creates a sound and vibration notification whenever the distance between its users becomes too small. The reason why Maggy relied on a combination between a small wearable device and an optional mobile application, is manifold. On the one hand, there’s accuracy – Standard smartphone Bluetooth chips have an accuracy up to approximately 1 to 2 meters, whereas Maggy contains state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.1 and 5.2 chips, characterized by accuracy of approximately 10 to 15 centimeters.  

PA12 Smooth v2 with lower refresh ratio: new standards in SLS powders refreshing

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If we can describe what drives cost-efficiency of SLS 3D printing it could be done in two words: refresh and pack. Today we introduce the lower refresh ratio of our PA12 powder. The extreme 26% was achieved.  

Leaving an established career for a 3D printing based business

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It is not usual to leave the top management job in one of the best companies in the interior outfitting branch. Especially after working there for 29 years. The decision of starting a company that produces 3D printing plastic parts using the laser sintering process may seem crazy, but Stefan Radau is the one who did it.  

Electric Motorcycle with SLS 3D printed parts

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E-moto AGH is a team of students from AGH University of Science and Technology who built the first electric off-road motorcycle at the University. In addition to showing the advantages of alternative energy sources, they are also testing the newest solutions, like desktop SLS 3D printer Lisa Pro. Most of their construction work takes place at the university’s lab.  

SLS 3D Printing Solution from Sinterit now available in the US

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Sinterit, European based manufacturer of the most available SLS 3D Printing Solution is officially entering the US market. Thanks to the cooperation with 3D Herndon, the Polish producer will provide access to maintenance services in the US, as well as training in 3D Herndon headquarters in Virginia.  

FDM vs. SLA vs. SLS – comparison

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a wide term for a production process in which an object is produced "by adding material layer upon layer (and not subtracting material like in case of conventional machining)". Up till now, there are seven different types of AM processes, amongst which the most popular are: FDM, SLA, and SLS.  

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