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The most powerful
3D printing technology
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SLS 3D printer – the heart of the ecosystem

Learn more about our solutions and find out which one is perfect for you. Lisa revolutionized SLS technology becoming the first compact and most affordable printer in that segment. While Lisa PRO is the heart of our SLS 3D Printing Solution and it is the most advanced and accessible small SLS 3D printer.

Accessible end-to-end SLS 3D printing solutions

Build your custom solution based on modules


Any shape you want. Without supports. 8 different materials.

Choose a set or compose your own SLS solution

Lisa Basic solution

This easy-to-use entry-level set is the best way to introduce everyone to the SLS printing technology at an accessible price.

Lisa Professional set

The most advanced and compact set which takes the whole process to a new level. Dedicated to convenient, frequent, clean work and effective powder management.


Trusted by: 

Eloy Bautista Lisa helps us to produce in our own workhouse
the SLS parts, saving time and money.
The lasted update of the software is a great step,
making easiest the use of the printer.
Eloy Bautista Technical Director, Eceleni, Spain
Maurice Briggs Sinterit LISA is the most accessible means to produce
precise constraint-free solutions to modern problems.
The technology does what it says on the tin and the team
at Sinterit are dedicated to working with their customers
to achieve their objectives.
Maurice Briggs Director at Lazerthrust
Shane Mahon I had been thinking about the Lisa for some time so I decided
last week to just go ahead and do it. I can tell you that the hardest
part of using the printer was getting it up the stairs. After that,
I simply unpacked it, read the instructions, prepared the printer,
and let it run. The small part took a few hours to print, so I went
downstairs, had dinner, watched a movie, and returned later to
a cooling printer. I didn't worry about the print going bad halfway
through and coming back to a blob of melted nylon being dragged
around the inside of the printer by a hot nozzle. After it finished,
I simply opened it up and found my model exactly how I had imagined.
Shane Mahon Netherlands
all3dp.com "What makes the Sinterit Lisa so unique
is the successful integration of SLS technology
into a compact and easy to use machine"
Rigo Herold "It was the best choice for me to fulfill
all requirements: possibility to print complex structures,
price, speed, reliability."
Rigo Herold Professor Dr.-Ing., Zwickau University in Germany
Joseph Tilstra "I am engineer by heart - I needed a precise printer
and I just knew I wanted a small practical SLS printer.
Lisa is a genius concept, a mix of what's
best from FDM and SLS."
Joseph Tilstra engineer and inventor
Domagoj Vrsaljko "Sinterit Lisa printer prints objects with excellent resolution.
It is a desktop size easy to use printer able to print
in SLS quality - unbelievable quality
for such an affordable price."
Domagoj Vrsalijko professor, Ph. D.

26 April, 2021

sinterit polypropylene

WEBINAR: Polypropylene – the 8th material for our compact SLS 3D printing system

The official launch of Sinterit Polypropylene, thew 8th material for our compact SLS 3D printing solution

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9 April, 2021

sls 3d printed heart

Why lack of support structures is so important in medical 3D printing

We have heard a lot about 3D printing in medicine since its inception, and now, in the time of a global pandemic, the technology has often supported local medics in need. In its history, SLS printing has supported difficult surgeries, whether in the form of tools or visual aids to prepare surgeons for serious operations.

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7 April, 2021

webinar compact sls watch

WEBINAR: Compact SLS setup. What do I really need to get into SLS 3D printing?

Our SLS 3D printing solution can be tailored for everyone who needs this technology. You can have a sophisticated system for very fast workflow or a basic solution that consists of a Lisa printer, powder sieve, and basic tools if that fits your needs. From this webinar, you’ll learn what to take into account while choosing an SLS set for you.


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